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Axle-Weigher is one of the most common tools for over-weight control. During its operations, Pand Industrial Group has succeeded in securing a significant number of roads police station in the country.... click to continue

ویل ویر باسکول جاده ای قابل حمل چرخ کش محور کنترل اضافه بار تناژ

Wheel Weigher

Truck scales and axle-Weighers are useful where there is a police station. Also the amount of investment needed to equip the station with… click to continue

PAX Weight Management Software

Pax software is a powerful weight scale management tool to drive traffic, relying on the experience of Pandtec Co. in the field of … click to continue

Speed Camera

Currently, PandTraffic has launched stand-alone speedometer cameras in collaboration with world-renowned companies Lasertec, Hikvision and Dahuasecurity… click to continue

سیستم پلاک خوان پند ترافیک ARH HIKVISION LPR ANPR

ANPR System

The ANPR - LPR is a tool for license plate number (LPN) recognition. The image processing software of this system, by recognizing the license plate number… click to continue

Traffic issues

Over Weight

 The overloading of trucks causes the vehicle brake system to malfunction on one hand and ……


The main cause of damage to road infrastructure is the passing of heavy vehicles and the extent of this damage increases with the over weighting of vehicles,…

Parking Management

Managing public parking, as commercial or even residential parking is one of the things in recent years, especially in metropolises….

Over Speed

Every year, Iran faces a high rate of speeding violations, as one of the major causes of accidents...


WIM توزین در حال حرکت کنترل اضافه بار حمل و نقل جاده ای پندترافیک

Weigh in Motion (WIM)

This system measures the weight of vehicles on the roads and highways without having to stop them with precision. It also automatically records the speed of movement, photos and characteristics of the passing vehicle, including license plate number, class (type of vehicle), number of axles and wheels.
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WIM توزین در حال حرکت کنترل اضافه بار حمل و نقل جاده ای

Low Speed WIM

Dynamic weighing methods, such as truck scales or older weighing techniques, which were often static, had problems with replacing low speed Weighing in Motion Systems (LS-WIM) in many countries.
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